Donkeys are adorable and hardworking mammals that anyone would love to have on their farms. From being an earnest worker to a loyal companion, donkeys have got it all to satisfy the human beings they love. They make great pets and are good around children, thanks to their friendly nature. So, what are the other things donkeys excel at? Read on and find out what donkeys are good for in detail.

Donkeys Are Hard Working

Donkeys have been part of human civilization for many centuries now. Their resilience and hard work have helped them stay beside mankind for this long. Donkeys are very strong and often even stronger than horses of the same size. And with their immense strength, they can pull out many of the farm chores without any burden. They can pull carts and plow small fields and be a farm help while also helping you with transporting weights and equipment from one point to the other. They can also help eat out the weeds on your farm and provide you with light manure since they process their food very well.

These excellent farmhands can also be kept and maintained at an affordable price too. Them not causing much trouble will benefit you atop of all the free labor they willingly do at the farm.

Donkeys As Guardian Animals

Donkeys have a protective nature and are often kept as guardians of the barn by many farm owners. Their hostility towards the canine family will keep the dogs and coyotes away, often leaving the predators with serious injury if they dare to attack the barn. Donkeys having a longer lifespan when compared to other guardian animals also make them a good pick in the category. Unlike dogs, who will bark at the slightest disturbance, donkeys are the quiet lot when it comes to guardian animals.

Donkeys Are Good for Riding – Saddle Donkeys

Donkeys being used for riding are getting popular these days. And donkeys do make great riding partners as they tend to be more easily manageable and trained than horses. They rarely need refreshments for their lessons and almost always act as trained. They never bolt as horses do. If they are uncomfortable, they will give you hints to show their displeasure, saving you a trip to the hospital. And if you are looking for a relaxing and slow-paced ride, donkeys are the best choice. You could take in all the scenery and landscape while your saddle donkey takes you through the planes slowly. Their less consumption of food compared to their sizes and the ability to go longer lengths without water or food also makes them great for riding.

saddle donkeys

Donkeys Are Friendly and Make Good Bonds

Donkeys are social animals and thrive in the company of others. And more often it is seen that they suffer from depression and loneliness when they are kept in isolation. This social nature makes them friendly towards the animals they live with and their masters. And donkeys, with their excellent memory, hardly ever forget those people and animals who have been good to them and treat them with love and respect. So, if your donkey makes a good relationship with other animals on your farm, the security of your farm is assured. Similarly, if the donkey likes the master, they will do absolutely anything to make their master happy and be around them.

Donkeys Are Good Around Children

Donkeys have a calm temperament and rarely become aggressive or stubborn. They act rationally almost all the time and have a gentle demeanor altogether. These qualities make them among the animals that kids can play and be around with. Smaller breeds, like miniature donkeys are well suited for this role. Donkeys can even substitute ponies and small horses and fulfill the riding needs for your kids. They can also be models for you to teach the kids rationality, responsibility, and calmness. The lessons will help your kids to get insights into keeping and maintaining pets and animals from a young age.

donkeys are good with children

Donkeys Make Good Pets

Donkeys make great pets when they create a good bond with you. And they usually bond with others soon. The low maintenance factor also adds to the list of pros, making them a good pet. The ease of feeding and much fewer visits from the veterinarian and farrier are also factors to take note of. Being gentle with your donkey is key to keeping them happy and satisfied, and the temperaments of their masters also affect them. And their lifespan, often crossing that of traditional pets, is an addition to everything that makes them a good pet.

Donkey Milk

Donkey milk is something that has got huge demand in the market. The nutrient benefits and anti-aging properties it has, when combined with the less availability, call for this hike in demand. Even though they are not used in bulk quantities, donkey milk can be seen as an ingredient in several food items and cosmetic products. Consuming donkey milk helps you with calcium absorption, and it is rich in antioxidants and can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk for those who are allergic to cow milk.

The old tales say that donkey milk was one of the secrets behind the alluring beauty of Cleopatra, that she used to bathe in donkey milk to keep her skin soft. Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, is also said to have used donkey milk for treating coughs and arthritis and even to treat wounds.

Donkeys Can be Used for Hikes

Donkeys are the best companions when it comes to hikes. The fact that they can carry all your baggage and loads is on one side, while the calm and serenity you will get hiking with them is one big advantage on the other side. And hiking and camping with them will help you and your donkey to make your bonds stronger and help you both to stay fit. With little training and a few hiking sessions, your donkey will grasp the pace of your walking and the times of your breaks. After that, you can enjoy the stress-relieving and satisfying hike up to places you have always wanted to go with your equine companion.

donkeys as hiking companions

Donkeys Are Intelligent

Donkeys are smart and intelligent animals with excellent memory. This means that they rarely forget what they are taught and trained. This also indicates that they will remember who has been bad and angry to them and act only according to how they were treated in the past. These rational equines do not act on impulse but assess the situations and occasions and react only when necessary. This is a quality that makes them the fit animal for being guardians.

Donkeys as Therapy Animals

Donkey-assisted therapies are found to be beneficial for those taking them. Engaging with these large animals has proven to improve self-confidence and self-esteem in those taking part in the sessions. The calm and poised nature of donkeys, combined with their friendly nature, helps in uplifting the mental health and moods of the people around them. Donkey-assisted therapies for kids have resulted in them gaining a greater sense of courage to face problems and deal with them without running off the instant something fearsome approaches.

Donkeys act as calming animals not only for humans but for other animals too, especially horses. Since donkeys make good relations with horses, they get along well and at times, horses depend on donkeys for calmness. Donkeys, being the compassionate guardian who keeps note of everything in detail, are a big help to those horses having a hard time.


Donkeys are multi-talented and totally worth your investment in terms of time and money, don’t you think? These long-eared cuties can help you right from the farm to keeping your mental health in check. And now it is time for you to decide whether to go for a donkey or not. You can check out the pros and cons of owning a donkey before getting one. But before that, isn’t it good to know what donkeys are good for?


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