If you own a farm or livestock, you might have had this question in your mind. Will donkeys kill coyotes? Can they protect farm animals from coyotes and other predators?

The short answer is yes. Donkeys do kill coyotes, and the donkeys vs coyotes fight isn’t new. In fact, they are used on many farms to protect other livestock. If you have a farm where you have cows, goats, or other farm animals, a guard donkey would be good enough to chase the coyotes away or even kill them.

Coyote in a pasture
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Donkeys vs Coyotes: How do donkeys kill coyotes?

Donkeys are not very tolerant of coyotes or other canines entering their territory. Usually, when a coyote enters their territory, they bray continuously to chase the coyote away. If the coyote doesn’t run away and try to stay in the donkey’s territory, they may bite and kill the coyote without any hesitation. Donkeys also kill coyotes by stomping with their hooves.

Though donkeys might look calm and cute, they are not any tolerant when it comes to chasing coyotes away from their premises or even killing them blatantly. A large donkey is strong enough to attack a coyote by stomping and kicking and there have been many incidents where coyotes were killed by donkeys just by biting fiercely.

Video of a donkey killing a fox

Male vs. Female donkeys in killing coyotes

Both male and female donkeys can kill coyotes or chase them away. But often male donkeys are more territorial and aggressive. This means male donkeys are often less tolerant of coyotes and other predators.

But if you are a farm owner, getting a female donkey would be more practical. A female donkey or jenny would be a lot easy to tame and handle.

Donkey in a pasture
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More reasons to have a donkey as your guard animal

Besides chasing coyotes away and protecting livestock, donkeys are cheap to maintain. They can eat cheap food or munch on tough vegetation. Donkeys are mostly healthy animals and have good immunity.

Donkeys also make a great companion for other farm animals and children. They can be used for riding or as draft animals.

A guard donkey in a farm
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Mini donkeys vs. large donkeys in killing coyotes

If you are really looking to have a guard animal, you should consider having a large donkey. Mini donkeys don’t really help in chasing predators away. They might bray and alert other farm animals of the predator’s presence, but can’t really kill an animal like a coyote.

Whereas a large donkey can easily kick, stomp or bite a coyote and kill them.

Raising a donkey to guard your farm from coyotes

While it is true that donkeys chase coyotes away, they should ideally be taught to become good guard animals. Donkeys brought up and fed with other farm animals often make good protectors. If a donkey has grown up with goats, cows, or other farm animals in the same pasture, they tend to protect them from predators at any cost. This would also ensure the donkey isn’t hostile to any of the other farm animals and chase away or attack only the predators.


Donkeys can really kill coyotes and protect your farm animals. They are easy to maintain and immune to many diseases. An ideal choice would be a female donkey as a guard animal as they are less aggressive to humans and other farm animals. If they are brought up and fed along with other farm animals, they tend to become good protectors against coyotes or similar predators.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can donkeys really kill coyotes?

A) Yes, donkeys can really kill coyotes by kicking or biting. Donkeys might initially warn coyotes if they enter their territory, but can attack them if coyotes get any closer. Also, considering the size difference between donkeys and coyotes, a donkey’s kick or bite can easily cause death to a coyote.

Q) Can donkeys get along well with other farm animals and protect them from coyotes? 

A) Donkeys are highly territorial. They usually do not like other animals entering their territory. But if other farm animals are carefully introduced to donkeys or if they are brought up together, they usually get along well. And in such cases, donkeys really do a great job at being guard animals in their pasture and protect other livestock.

Q) Donkeys vs coyotes: can coyotes harm donkeys?

A) Though coyotes can actually harm donkeys, it is highly unlikely. This is majorly due to the size difference between them. Donkeys can easily kick or bite and cause serious injuries or even death to the coyotes.


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