We recommend products that are useful for farm animals and their owners. These are products used and recommended by many farm animal owners just like you. We only recommend products that are actually useful for the animals.

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Himalayan Salt Lick-Natural Minerals Block

Himalayan Salt Lick-Natural Minerals Block on Rope

These salt licks come on a rope which eases the installation process and lasts longer than a pressed salt lick.

miniature donkey halters

Stylish Miniature Donkey Halters and Lead Ropes

Durability, water resistance, and UV resistance are combined with stretchability, making these halters the perfect fit for your donkeys.

hay bag

Hay Bag for Donkeys, Horses and Goats

Available in six vibrant colors, this comes in a slow-feeding design that extends meal time to your requirements.

fly mask

Fly Mask for Donkeys and Horses

Soft-coated nylon micromesh provides up to 70% protection from harmful UV rays while being soft on the skin and providing maximum protection from flies and insects.

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