Miniature donkeys are friendly and easily manageable equines, who make great pets. And getting a miniature donkey could cost you anywhere from $500 to $2000, depending on its age, gender, and many other factors. This does not include the cost of maintaining them, but they sure are cheaper than horses to keep. Their smaller stature also suggests that it will cost less to feed them as well. So, if you are planning to get a miniature donkey, read on and find out how much they cost and where to find them.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Miniature Donkey

Rescue organizations and shelters give out miniature donkeys for adoption, from where you could get miniature donkeys at lesser prices. You can adopt one at a cost ranging from $400 to $800 from these rescue homes. Unlike some of the other equine breeds that you could adopt for free, you can only rarely find miniature donkeys for free, unless you adopt it from people you know. In shelter homes and rescue organizations, lots of time and energy are being invested into the rescued donkeys to deal with their traumas and make them sociable again. There also comes the cost of their veterinary care, food requirements, and grooming, which all are taken by the respective organizations. Hence, it would be difficult to get a miniature donkey for free.

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It would be a good deed to adopt a miniature donkey if you have the expertise and means to raise it. You could also go for temporary sponsorships as well, as a way to support the rescue organizations.

How Much are Miniature Donkeys from a Breeder?

The cost to procure a miniature donkey from a breeder starts from $500 and can even go up to $2500, depending on various factors. Female donkeys or jennies will be costlier than male donkeys or jacks. If you are getting your donkey from a good breeder, you can be assured of its good health and habits. Good breeders usually register and microchip the mini donkeys before selling them. Their vaccinations, hoof trimming, deworming, etc., would be up to date as well. Hence, you will just have to follow up, according to what the breeder suggests.

Miniature donkeys of superior pedigree and good breeding history can cost even more than normal ones. When you are buying miniature donkeys from breeders, you could also get basic supplies like a halter and leash, which will slightly increase the cost but will save you from looking for the supplies that will fit the donkey. Since miniature donkeys thrive in the companionship of others and get lonely if they do not have anyone, most breeders would not sell you them unless you have other equines at your farm. So, when you are getting a miniature donkey, either get them in pairs or you must have other donkeys or horses with whom the miniature donkeys can create bonds.

Cost to Raise a Miniature Donkey Per Month

Miniature donkeys can live for a long 35-40 years, which means that they will be around for a long time and the initial investments would not go to waste. The foremost investment would include the shelter and facilities that you must provide them on their arrival. This does not count if you already have a farm, you would just have to make space for them to be quarantined before they start to mingle with the other residents of the farm.

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On average, maintaining a miniature donkey can cost you around $120- $250, depending on the area you reside. Areas that cost the most include veterinary care, hoof care, and pet health insurance, which will ensure that you have a healthy donkey that is happy and satisfied. Their feed will cost around $50-$75 per month and grooming will cost about $20-$30 a month. Miniature donkeys will require deworming every three months, annual vaccinations, and health checkups from time to time, for which it would cost you from $25 to $80. Maintaining the environment the donkeys reside in, which includes their bedding, mineral blocks, and fly repellants, would cost about $10 to $25 every month.

Where to Get a Miniature Donkey?

Miniature donkeys with their calm demeanor and temperament are a great choice to go for if you are looking for a pet. They would be a wonderful addition to your family and would be great entertainment for the kids. For all these reasons, miniature donkeys are even used as therapy animals in many places, for the serenity and peace they radiate. As for the question of where to get them, there are mainly three ways through which you can get hold of a miniature donkey.

The first is from a donkey shelter or rescue home. Rescue organizations take in abandoned donkeys and donkeys that have been ill-treated and provide them with safe accommodation and food. They will also be training these donkeys to get over their fears and to start trusting humans. And, from such rescue organizations, you could adopt miniature donkeys and help them by giving them a safe space to live and lots of love to survive.

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The next place to get miniature donkeys is at auctions. Many types of auctions take place, which could be all-inclusive of equines to donkey-specific auctions. You can get miniature donkeys at lesser rates at these auctions. At times it is also possible that the rates go very high, depending on the demand of certain donkeys. You can also get pregnant jennies if you are lucky at these auctions. But when you are getting miniature donkeys from auctions and kill pens, you must be aware that they could have any kind of diseases and bacteria on them. So, you must keep in mind that the cost of their health care will follow soon. Also, remember to quarantine them for a while to observe and monitor their health.

Another place to get a miniature donkey is from a certified breeder. Here, you could get trained and groomed donkeys, whose health would be mostly intact. Good breeders will give you registered donkeys as well, so you would not have to worry if the donkey belongs to the miniature category or not. You can go to the breeder and see for yourself the donkey that you are looking for, one that suits your requirements and needs.


Miniature donkeys are a delight to be around and fun to play with. The demand for miniature donkeys as pets and therapy animals is increasing day by day, and if you are planning to get one, this is the right time. If you have read till now, you must have an idea of how much miniature donkeys cost in the first place and how much it costs to maintain them every month. So, take into consideration all the factors and make a decision that suits you the best.


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