Miniature donkeys are known best for their adorable size which tends to range between 32-34 inches, and they weigh around 200-450 pounds. Anyone who comes across these smaller equines might have been badgered by the question of whether these fluffy little creatures can be raised as pets inside homes. The answer to this depends on the context. It is considered to be a bad idea if a person is looking to raise a miniature donkey indoors for the majority of the day. This is mainly because these are grazing animals and considerably so, they prefer large pastures of land to graze upon and explore as well.

Can miniature donkeys be allowed inside homes?

Yes, one can let miniature donkeys enjoy some indoor time for a change but it is important to be mindful of the fact that these are mere grazing animals at the end of the day and hence most of their hours should be spent outdoors in the pasturage with an open sky.

Experts suggest that these animals be given about 4 hours for grazing at the minimum, or else owing to their moodiness, they’ll end up agitated. When a mini donkey is frustrated, it tends to chew up wood and it can end up chewing the furniture and other wooden materials inside your home.

How much space does a miniature donkey really need?

Miniature donkeys are suggested to be kept inside enclosures of land, which should be about 0.5 – 1 acres of open space instead of indoors. This is because they spend their days grazing on grass.

Miniature donkey experts suggest that their pasturage enclosure needs to have three sides with one side open to facilitate the movement of the donkey freely as per its likes. Care should be taken to provide them with enough room to run around and explore all sorts of sights, smells, and sensations.

Fencing should also be actively considered when it comes to curating a miniature donkey enclosure so that it doesn’t run away. During their young age, one can get away with a smaller enclosure, but it’s important to widen it to a horse-sized enclosure as they gain height and weight.

miniature donkey in its pasture

Behavioral traits play a major role in making miniature donkeys more outdoor-friendly


Miniature donkeys tend to be extremely intelligent and bright. They prefer going with the flow and even despite their logical reasoning skills, they are quite laid back. These animals would rather respond to playful head scratches than to rigorous training, which is why it is important to keep in mind to not be hard on them and leave them outside the house in the pasture.


When it comes to withstanding a wide range of environments, miniature donkeys are aces, be it scorching heat or frigid. As long as there’s enough land for grazing, they are good to go, which makes them an ideal choice for outdoor pets.

Low maintenance

These adorable little animals are not much difficult to handle or feed since they derive most of their nutrition from grazing. One can also feed them veggies, fruits, and high-quality oats while they are brought inside the house during the day.


Even though miniature donkeys have needs similar to a full-fledged horse, they are temperamentally more similar to dogs than to equines. They are extremely loyal, docile, and affectionate, which makes them an excellent choice as pets for children. They aren’t fidgety and don’t get frantic quite easily. Owing to their patience, they turn out to be the perfect candidates as farm pets.

All these behavioral traits make them great pets, which pretty much explains the urge to raise them indoors just like any normal cat or dog. But it is important to be mindful of the fact that these animals love grazing and outdoors. This is why their calm temperament isn’t enough to deprive them of their natural habitat i.e an open pasture.


After all this discourse, it would be safe to state that if a person owns an open field of about 0.5 to 1 acre and is looking for a unique pet, miniature donkeys will forever be a safe bet. They are extremely docile and affectionate temperamentally and prefer to spend most of their time in the open outdoors. So if you are trying to figure out whether miniature donkeys can be raised indoors, the answer is a simple no. But you can always bring them inside your home for spending some quality time with you and be sure to allow most of their time to be spent outdoors.


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