Feeding your donkeys properly is a vital part of raising them. And if you look around, you could find a lot of options to choose from when it comes to modes of feeding them. Donkey feed bags are the most popular and convenient ones among the lot, which is also handy to use. Read on to find out about some of the best donkey feed bags available in the market.

1. Slow Hay Feeder Hay Nets

hay net

Slow feeder hay nets come in a variety of sizes, from which you can choose the preferred size for your donkey. Made with polyethylene, this hay feeder looks like a net that holds hay for your donkeys as well as regulates the speed at which they consume their food. The holes across the feeder help the donkeys access the hay in limited amounts each time. Slow-feeder hay nets can be hung from a height or somewhere the donkeys can access since it comes with a strong and sturdy rope which also makes it easier for you to carry them around. The advantages of this kind of donkey feed bag are as follows.

  • Promotes the donkeys’ digestive health through slow feeding
  • Fewer amounts of hay go to waste 
  • Keeps all the hay clean as it stays above the ground
  • Can help you keep the donkeys’ weight in check

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2. Slow Feeder Hay Bag

slow feeder hay bag

Slow-feeding hay bags are efficient feeding bags for donkeys which are also easy to handle. The bag comes with an adjustable strap and small holes on one side from which the donkeys can take small portions of hay. The adjustable strap at the top prevents the donkeys from feeding from the top and makes them eat from the holes they are meant to eat from. The bags, made of 600D Oxford, ensure durability and a large capacity. These bags are easy to carry, hang, and reload. Some perks of these donkey feed bags are given below.

  • Enhances slow feeding, which aids the donkeys’ health
  • Over-spill and wastage of hay are prevented
  • The hay stays dry and ventilated because of the hole
  • Easy loading of hay

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3. Leather Trim Feeding Bag

leather trim feeding bag

Leather trim feeding bags are yet another slow-feeding bags that are popular among donkey owners. The factor that sets these bags apart is the special leather-edged hole through which the donkeys get their hay. This addition makes the bag more durable and wear-proof. Made of dragon dance cloth these donkey feed bags are industrially stitched, adding to their durability and long life. These are easy to clean and are one of the best farm supplies you would need. The feeding bag comes with leather-trimmed holes on its two opposite faces and mesh lining over the sides. This keeps the hay dry and aerated. Leather trim feeding bags are good at

  • Slowing down the pace of your donkeys’ eating
  • Holding large amounts of hay
  • Easy to handle and hang

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4. Hay Tote Bag for Storage and Feeding

storage bag feeder

This hay bag is the perfect option for you if you are looking for something that can store large amounts of hay with the donkeys feeding from it at the same time. This feeder tote bag is made with 600D nylon material and is sturdy in build. It is an efficient hay feeder bag that is easy to transport and store hay even during bad weather. The ventilation holes and waterproof material keep the hay dry and avoid spoilage. It also comes with a detachable lid that can be closed using Velcro and with straps that aid in carrying it. Some advantages of this hay tote bag are as follows.

  • Easy to store and transport hay
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Can be folded and stored to save space
  • Can store other items too

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5. Grain Feed Bag

grain feed bag

Grain feed bags are the perfect option for your donkeys if they are sloppy eaters. These donkey feed bags ensure that no grain goes to waste and that the nutritional requirements of each donkey are met properly. Grain feed bags can be strapped around the donkeys with adequate amounts of grain in them from which the donkeys can consume whatever is inside. This keeps the donkeys from fighting with others over their share of feed. Made of sturdy, breathable coated mesh, this comes with adjustable straps that can be altered to fit your donkey. The benefits of these donkey feed bags are given below.

  • Helps to prevent bullying and fights between donkeys
  • Helps to relax nervous donkeys
  • Durable and efficient
  • Comes in a spill-proof design

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How to Choose a Donkey Feed Bag

Donkeys love to eat food all the time. But overfeeding will lead them to become obese and fall ill. Hence, to keep them happy by giving them food to munch all the time while keeping them healthy, you can go for donkey feed bags that help you achieve this goal. While choosing these, make sure that you pick the durable ones that your donkeys cannot rip apart easily and which supply them with the right amount of feed. Also, be careful to pick a feed bag that can store enough quantity of feed, which will not require you to refill it every now and then. The right donkey feed bag will ensure that your donkeys are eating their fill and staying healthy.


Donkey feed bags come in different shapes and sizes, and it is up to you to choose the right one for your farm. Given above are a few of the best feed bags you can find in markets that would make great additions to your farm. So, keep your donkeys happy and healthy by using these feed bags to feed them.


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