Goats come in a variety of sizes and breeds. And their price usually depends on their qualities, age, pedigree, and even depends on the area. A goat can cost from $50 up to $1500 based on these factors that make them distinct. Prices also vary according to the purpose for which these goats are to be raised as well. So, if you are planning to get a goat, read about some of the best breeds and how much they cost.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats are the blend of perfect pet goats combined with dairy goats. They are sociable and lively animals that stay short which makes them easy to handle and produce good quality milk in addition to that. These goats can cost from about $50 to $500 USD, according to the purpose they are bought for.

nigerian dwarf goat

If you are planning to get a Nigerian Dwarf goat as a pet, it can cost somewhere between $50 to $200 USD. And if you are looking for a goat with higher quality breeding or for competitions, the prices will go higher, where you will have to spend a minimum of $200 USD. This can go up to $500 USD. Apart from the initial costs, you will also have to spend around $10- $20 each for their feed, hay, and minerals monthly.

These goats, who are friendly and have a calm temperament, have a lifespan ranging from 15-20 years, which makes them great pets. They can produce half a gallon of milk and will produce milk for ten months, which can even go as long as two years if they are milked regularly. The quality and taste of the milk they produce are top-notch.

Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats are adorable miniature goats that are popularly kept as pets. They only grow up to 20 inches in height, which makes it easier to handle them even for amateur farm owners. If you are looking for goats that you can keep in a residential neighborhood, pygmy goats are among the best options you can go for. And for a pet quality pygmy goat, you could get one for around $40 -70 USD, while a registered variant can cost about $350.

pygmy goat

Pygmy goats are very loyal and gentle in interacting with humans and make good companions to their owners. They can live up to 10-15 years and can produce nutrient-rich milk. Pygmy goats only produce milk for about 4-6 months after delivery, but the milk is nutritious and rich in butterfat content which makes it worth investing in. They can produce around 2/3 gallons of delicious milk per day. These cute little goats come in a variety of colors and are joyful to sight.

LaMancha Goat

LaMancha goats are yet another breed of goats popularly kept as pets due to their medium size. Apart from that, these goats are mainly bred for milk. Their calm nature and quality of not transmitting diseases make them a top choice among farmers and breeders. When it comes to their price, it depends on what kind of breed you are looking for, whether purebred goats or crossbred ones. For a purebred LaMancha goat, the price is around $600 and can even go higher. These goats will have all the qualities that make them attractive to buyers. Whereas you can find a crossbreed for about $400.

lamancha goat

LaMancha goats are friendly and calm and can live up to 10 years. Pure breeds can produce a lot of milk and are usually brought by farms that produce and process goats’ milk. Their low rate of transmitting diseases too makes them a good choice for keeping in farms and as pets.

Nubian Goat

Nubian goats are among the best goats that farmers and breeders go for when it comes to good temperaments and milk production. They produce milk rich in butterfat content, which makes it perfect for making cheese and other dairy products. When it comes to the cost of a Nubian goat, several factors affect it, including their age, sex, pedigree, breeding history, and even the location from where they are bought.

nubian goat

A young Nubian goat can cost from $150-300 according to its sex and lineage, whereas the price of an adult depends on its breeding history and milk production. Registered adult Nubian bucks who are mainly used for breeding can cost somewhere between $300-600, while a registered Nubian doe can cost from $500 to $1000 or more according to its pedigree and previous breeding. And for those goats who have produced high-quality milk previously or have won any competitions, the prices will go even higher, around $1500 or more.

Alpine Goat

Alpine goats are reliable milk producers that produce about 2 to 3 gallons of milk per day. The milk is rich in butterfat content too, making it suitable for making goat’s milk products. These goats are friendly, adaptable, and love care and attention. Generally, an Alpine goat can cost anywhere around $500 USD. In addition to that, you will have to keep aside around $1500 for their upkeep throughout the year. This amount can get significantly lower if you are raising a bigger herd, where the amount will get divided per head.

alpine goat

Alpine goats can live up to 15-18 years, given that they are provided nutrition and health care. They come in a variety of colors and have a distinct grace to sight. Alpine goats also come in miniature versions with the same characteristics and look but with a lesser quantity of milk. This makes them a not-so-popular option when it comes to raising for milk.

Saanen Goat

Saanen goats come all the way from Switzerland and are popular for their milk production. They are known as the queen among dairy goats because of the high quality and quantity of milk they produce. These goats can produce up to three gallons of milk per day and are consistent with milk production. Their price ranges from $100-300 and can go higher depending on their pedigree and breeding history. A Saanen goat with an award-winning lineage can cost $500-1000 and more.

saanen goat

These goats are large and require ample space to walk and roam around. They produce almost 2500 pounds of milk and are friendly towards their owners. Their milk has a butterfat content of 3% making it creamy and delicious. Saanen goats are white in color with a distinctive ear that is straight and bends forward at the tip.


Picking a goat to raise is a time-consuming affair. Assessing your requirements and choosing a breed, even though it seems a lot of work, will be worth investing your time and efforts in. Now since you have read about some of the breeds of goats and how much they cost, you can reach your conclusions faster. Have a happy time with your goats.


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