Goats are good pets indeed, given that you choose the right breed with good temperaments and have their requirements fulfilled. Contrary to the traditional beliefs that categorize goats strictly as farm animals, goats can also be kept as pets. These intelligent and funny animals will be an entertaining and beneficial addition to your family.

Benefits of Keeping Goats as Pets

The most common benefit of keeping goats is obviously its milk. Dairy goats have been kept and maintained for generations sticking to this advantage. Also, raising two or a few goats will easily cover the milk requirements for a household. Goat’s milk can also be used for making mild soap that can be used by people with sensitive skin. Goat’s cheese is yet another product that can be produced using goat milk.

Having a goat in your backyard would also mean that you have a free brush hog. Goats love to browse and feed on small plants and shrubs, thus relieving you of the duty of mowing the lands and plucking out the weeds. Your goat will happily consume everything and have the happiest time of their lives. They make good manure too, which is rich in potassium and nitrogen, which will act as a great fertilizer for your garden.

benefits of goats as pets

Adding to all the benefits, goats being easy to manage and maintain is also a factor that makes these animals good pets. And since they browse and eat, they will not require much artificial feed if you have enough pastures for them to graze. Their housing too, requires not many facilities, but just good fencing.

Is it Legal to Own a Pet Goat?

It is not illegal to keep goats as pets. Though there can be laws regarding raising goats for commercial purposes, owning goats as pets requires not much work legally. If you have enough space to raise them and can sustain their lives, you will be good to go. But if you are living in a city or residential area where neighbors are nearby, you might have to consult with the local authorities regarding the same. Goats and neighbors might not always share the best dynamics, so you could ask their opinions before finalizing your decision. Laws and regulations could differ from place to place, so it is always better to be on the clear end.

Goats get along with humans well, so accommodating them with you will not be an issue. As long as you provide them with food, clean water, and proper health checkups raising a goat as a pet will be a fun and fulfilling activity. It is also important to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate them as well. Ensure that you have at least 250 sq. ft. of land per goat you plan to get.

Best Goat Breeds to Keep as Pets

Goats are available in all sizes, colors, and temperaments. Hence, when you are choosing a goat for keeping as a pet, you must look for your requirements and priorities. And if you are new to goats and animals, it will be better if you opt for a small-sized goat, as they could be easy to handle.

Pygmy goats are the breed of goats that are widely kept as pets, because of their small size. They come in different colors and are friendly and calm. They grow up to 23 inches in height.

pygmy goat

LaManchas are another small goat breed that is also popular among pet owners. They grow up to 28 inches and are missing ears, which makes them stand out from the different breeds.

Nigerian Dwarf goats could be the best pick for you if you wish to obtain goat milk while keeping them as pets. These goats also remain small, growing only up to 23 inches.

Shelter for Your Pet Goat

Goats enjoy having lots of space for their movements. As already mentioned above, you must have at least 250 sq. ft. of land per goat to ensure their free movement. If possible, you could even add things in the backyard the goat can climb up and keep them entertained.

Housing is a necessity when it comes to raising pets. As for goats, they will not require anything fancy but a warm and dry shelter with good fences. They are not so fond of water, even though goats can swim. Hence, make sure that the shelter will not get wet or flooded in any season. In the shelter, keep their food and water where it is easily accessible for them. Good ventilation is also necessary to keep their respiratory health in check.

What to Feed Your Pet Goat?

Goats have a bad reputation for eating whatever they find. But that is not the reality. In fact, they are picky eaters who will not consume food that has been soiled or fallen on the ground. Therefore, whenever you are feeding your goat, be careful to keep the feed above the ground and not somewhere from where the goat will not eat.

feeding your goat

In addition to regular or occasional browsing, your goat will require hay, grass, and grains to fulfill its nutrient requirements. Since they have good digestive systems, they will require lots of fibrous foods. You can also provide your goats with mineral salt licks to supplement their mineral requirements as well. They will also love treats like apples, bamboo, blackberry bushes, etc., which you could feed them whenever you find them.

Goats also require clean water all the time. So, make sure that they have enough water throughout the day and night and clean their water bowls regularly to prevent anything from contaminating them.

Grooming Your Pet Goat

Keeping your goats clean and tidy is necessary especially if you have neighbors in close proximity. You can comb them with a dog’s brush and comb away the hair they shed regularly, and also keep them clean from any dirt, hay or grass that they must have got on themselves while moving around. Goats’ hooves must be checked and trimmed regularly as they could grow out if they do not wear out naturally. This must be done every 6-8 weeks, if the goat is not exposed to hard and rocky areas. You could take the help of a farrier or veterinarian for this purpose.

Common Health Problems to Look Out for

Goats can easily get affected by diseases and infections, so it is important that they get regular checkups and vaccinations necessary. It will also be better to consult a veterinarian whenever you find them behaving differently from their normal selves. Some of the common health problems they face are mentioned below.

Goats could get bladder stones, which commonly arise due to dietary imbalances. This is an extremely painful situation for them and can turn out to be fatal for them. They could also get sore mouths which will be visible as blisters around the mouth causing them pain. Enterotoxemia is yet another condition that affects goats but which can be prevented by taking vaccination. It is caused by a sudden diet change that leads to bacterial imbalance in the goat’s rumen.

Cons of Having a Pet Goat

With all the advantages come disadvantages too. A major con of keeping goats is that they are loud. They can bleat loudly if they are unhappy or dissatisfied, which can be irritating at times. And this could become a nuisance in the neighborhood as well. Goats are also messy, and male goats have a particular smell to them if not castrated. Goats are smart and find their way out of confinement easily. Hence, it is possible that they jump the fences and feed off areas restricted to them, which could even include the neighbor’s prized garden.


Even though there are some cons to keeping goats as pets, if you have the time and space, raising them will be a joyful hobby to dwell on. You could also get nutritious milk from them if you are getting a dairy goat. So, make your decision considering all the factors, and yes, goats are good pets.


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