Horses can be found in a variety of price ranges. The most expensive ones can even go up to hundreds of thousands. But this does not mean that getting a horse is always an expensive affair. There are many horses that belong to the cheaper side which you can easily afford. Some of these include Wild Mustangs, Arabian Horse, Thoroughbred, Standardbreds, etc. Find out about some of the cheapest horse breeds in the US in this article.

1. Wild Mustangs

If you are an experienced equestrian looking for a challenge, adopting a wild mustang will be the most cost-efficient option for you. You can get an untrained Mustang at a rate as low as $25 and trained ones start from $125 to upwards, sometimes even reaching a few thousand dollars. Since this breed is hard to tame, in order to manage their population in the wild, the government often captures them and puts them up for adoption. In such a case, if you are adopting an untrained Mustang, the Bureau of Land Management will back you up with an incentive of $1000 as well.

wild mustang

If you are going for a Mustang, keep in mind that they will require a lot of work from your side and a lot of veterinary care. Before finalizing your choice, spend some time with the horse to understand its temperaments and check whether it suits your personality. You could even consult a veterinarian regarding choosing the right, healthy horse for you.

2. Arabian Horses

Arabian horses are feisty and athletic horses, originating from the Middle East. They have distinct physical features that set them apart from other breeds of horses, and are very active. Since they were bred for racing, they have very good respiratory systems and have higher levels of endurance. Though prices for an Arabian horse with superior pedigree and qualities can go up to $20,000, you can also find cheaper ones at $1000 or below.

arabian horse

They are the “hot blooded” amongst the equines, because of their high spirit and enthusiasm. Since they are easily available in the US market, the price for them is particularly low. Untrained Arabian horses can be a handful, but which can be trained and tamed under the guidance of an experienced rider. They make excellent riding horses at an affordable price range. Before getting an Arabian horse, make sure that you choose one that fits your skills and personality.

3. Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds are horses that are bred purely for racing. In order to increase its speed, endurance, and temperaments, Thoroughbreds are selectively bred to produce foals with all the best qualities. And the fastest racehorses even get sold for over a million dollars. But most often, the resulting foals might not have it in them to reach till the racing track. Such horses get sold off at cheap rates. They also retire at younger ages, mostly by the age of 2 or 3, after which they will not have much value, even if they have won many races in the past.


Excessive breeding of Thoroughbreds to create the most desirable horses have led them to be among the cheapest horse breeds. The horses that do not meet the criterion for becoming race horses or those that retire soon then get sold from $1000- $5000. The retired horses will be listed under Off the Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB), who will be trained racehorses that have left the track. They make great riding horses and sporting horses and are an affordable choice for a trained horse.

4. Quarter Horses

Quarter horses are among the most popular horse breeds in America. As their name suggests, they are a mix of four different breeds, Arabian horses, native American breeds, Mustangs, and Thoroughbreds. They can also be a mix of Arabian, Spanish, English, and wild horses. They are commonly bred for producing fast and athletic offspring, the excessive breeding for which have made them easily available throughout the US.

quarter horse

You can find Quarter horses with champion bloodlines for the show ring at a price that can go up to $50,000, as well as good horses that will only cost you below 1000 dollars. Trained Quarter horses can also be found at $2500. The horses’ calm demeanor and friendly nature makes them good riding companions and pets,

5. Paint Horses

Paint horses are yet another cheapest horse breed in the US. As their name indicates, they look as if paint has been splashed over them. And these are commonly bought for the beautiful patterns they adorn. While Paint horses that have excellent show records can cost up to $20,000, you can also find cheaper ones below $5000. If the horse is unregistered, prices can go further downwards.

paint horse

Paint horses are easy to train and are easy to manage, even for people with less experience dealing with horses. They are agile and athletic and catch eyes when they are in the ring. When you are buying a paint horse, do not just look for the beautiful patterns, but the health of the horse as well.

6. Standardbreds

Standardbreds are also racing horses like Thoroughbreds, but are made for harness racing. They have similar builds like Thoroughbreds, but are shorter with much more refined bodies. Standardbreds too fetch great prices when they are at the peak of achievements, but once they pass that phase, they become one among the cheapest horse breeds in the US. These horses, who were formerly race horses, could be found at $3000 and less, and if you are getting it from a kill pen, it would only cost around $1000.


Standardbreds are friendly horses suitable for people of all ages. Once they retire from the racing field, these horses can be trained to become riding horses and companions. But if you are going for an injured horse, be sure that the medical bills would not cost you a lot.

7. Belgian Horses

Belgian horses belong to the category of the biggest horses in the world, which are commonly used in farming, plowing, and driving. They are big and are a bit pricey to maintain, regarding their hoof care and nutrition. As a result, once they lag behind in pulling wagons and doing labor, owners often discard them, by selling them off at auctions and sending to kill pens. But these horses have the sweetest temperaments and would be a friendly addition to your family.

belgian horse

Belgian horses from kill pens can be bought at a price less than $3000, which is an affordable range considering the nature and manners of the horse. You can also find them at horse rescues.


These are some of the cheap horse breeds in the US that you can seriously think of adopting, without digging a hole in your pocket. All these breeds make excellent companion animals and pets if they are trained properly and treated well. Though it seems challenging to tame a wild one like a Mustang, it will be quite the experience once you start enjoying the results of it.


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